Spent the start of the week budgeting and getting my finances in shape. @assemblyroast beans in the hopper. A washed filter from Peru.

I was nodding along as I read each section of Brian’s post Green by Default. Found via Calibre’s Performance Newsletter.

I love the low impact website by Organic Basics that he shared.

I plant trees every month and try to make better choices to reduce my carbon footprint. My website can do with improvement.

I find Facebook attacking Apple over an iOS update, in the name of small businesses… comical.

I have thoughts on targeted advertising that have been brewing since the Summer. I’ll find time to finish pulling them together in 2021 maybe.

I’ve been enjoying the five-part podcast from BuzzFeed News on the FinCEN Files. Nice break from the business and web development podcasts I usually listen to.

Pushed up an update to my website. Installed a pagination plugin and got carried away.

Two months of building work with no escape for the last week and a half since the house is in isolation. To top it off, the roof isn’t watertight. Curtains came clean off the wall in the middle of the night from the rainwater leaking into my room. I’m ready to move out.

Anyone else just spending their days in virtual conferences and not actually doing any work?

My Mac has crashed and restarted three four times today.

Send help!

Whoa, how did I not already know about Rocket?! 🚀

More businesses hitting pause on hate.

Fuck, it’s been two years since Anthony Bourdain passed away. I’m going to spend the evening watching Parts Unknown and drinking beer. RIP.

Sunday evening spent playing with I’ve set up a Micropub endpoint so that I can publish a post on my website from the Mac or iOS app. Some work still to do on the output of the posts but it is time for bed.