Work in Progress: Part Two

I wrote a post back in November titled Work in Progress which was mainly so that there was something on this blog that I had just set up. I wrote about how I was finally getting my head around the whole set up. The post was only brief which is part of the reason why I am revisiting it, it was never my plan for it to be a two parter.

I’ll come back to the set up later in another post as this post is more about how this site will always be work in progress. I’ve had the domain (amongst many others) for a while now but never really did anything with it. I’ve hosted it in a few different places with different messages (which still exist in places in the current incarnation of this site) about how there will be more coming soon and always had the best intentions to blog and do more with the site but never really got round to it.

In all honesty, I will probably never really get round to it, not fully anyway. At the moment I am juggling a full-time job with university along with other things that I always seem to find to do instead of what I’m supposed to be doing - like this post for example - but after university there will just be something else that will take up my time and this site will always be a work in progress. It will be somewhere for me to put my sporadic thoughts down, to play around and try new things, and most importantly to learn. I study business and work in marketing so when it comes to this stuff I am half self-taught, half learning from Treehouse (which is something else that I can’t seem to find time for at the moment) so there is probably some horrible code on the site - there is a GitHub repo so please let me know where I can improve.

I’ve made some updates to the site this weekend so quite a lot has changed since my first post. It is still vaguely based on the Balzac theme but there is so many lines of code unused, commented out and changed now that it would probably be better to start from scratch but that can be a project for another weekend when I’m not supposed to be doing university work…