The Cinema

I spend most of my day in front of a screen and I want to get better at switching off from work and devices. I’ve started to get into running and I’m currently training for my first 10K which is one way to get away from a screen. I want to start reading more and I have a backlog of magazines building up which I want to make more time for. The other thing I already do is go to the cinema. This maybe is just me swapping my smaller screens for the big screen but it helps me switch off from work and devices.

At Vue cinemas, they have an etiquette message that plays before films where the screen goes dark and Mark Strong tells everyone to switch off their phone. Now, I would never use my phone in the cinema anyway but after hearing the message so many times I feel like I am now trained to do exactly what he says. At the end of the message he says “So sit back, relax, switch off your phone, and switch off from the outside world.” and I do exactly that. My phone goes on DND and in my pocket and doesn’t come out until we are out the cinema.

On top of this, tickets are only £4.99 at my local Vue cinema and most weeks we take advantage of Meerkat Movies so it is 2 for 1 tickets.