I'm available for work. Looking for an experienced marketer and web developer? Hire me.

Daryl Shaw


I’m an experienced technical marketer and web developer. I like finding solutions to businesses problems. Need help? Let’s talk.

Latest highlights

  • Built functionality for a client’s website to allow customers to order samples
  • Helping a business of 30+ years to not only survive during a pandemic but grow and record their best month ever
  • A successful domain migration that led to improved rankings and growth in traffic

What I can offer

Here are the areas where I can help:

  • Paid media management
  • SEO
  • Audits (technical SEO, content, paid media, Google Analytics, performance)
  • Analytics & tag management
  • Ongoing consultancy
  • Migrations and replatforming
  • Web development (WordPress, Jamstack)
  • Website support & maintenance


Schedule a call with me where I can answer your questions and provide guidance. Get a fresh pair of eyes on the issue you are facing. Feedback on the direction you are taking.

Topic ideas:

  • Debug a Google Analytics tracking issue
  • Review and provide feedback on a migration plan
  • Offer help and guidance on replatforming
  • Investigate a Search Console issue

Schedule a consultation for £250