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Daryl Shaw

About this site

This is my personal website. It is always going to be a work in progress.

The source code is available on GitHub. If you have any problems using the site, find an error or bug, you can file an issue.

This site is running on Jekyll. Jekyll provides built-in support for Sass. It ships with its own Sass converter meaning there is nothing to install to process Sass.

I finally finished moving hosting to Netlify from GitHub Pages in 2020. After starting this back in 2018. Netlify has nice features built-in. I switched to Netlify’s free one-click SSL to prevent running into issues. They have over 1 millions developers using the platform and there is a good team behind it.

Hosting with Netlify solves my issues around using unsupported GitHub Pages gems. For example, tagging was a pain. For the time being I’ve removed tags from posts so you need a direct link to reach the tag pages. I need to find the time to put in place a better solution and start tagging posts.

Not every website needs a CMS. This website is a prime example of one that doesn’t. Saying that, I’ve added Netlify CMS to the site to replace Siteleaf (affiliate link). My reason for having a CMS is that it might make it easier for me to publish to the site. I love Siteleaf. But to use it I would have needed to upgrade to the team plan. Which is overkill for a site that doesn’t need a CMS. Indiekit allows me to publish content to my website using iA Writer and the Micro.blog apps.

There are a couple of sans-serif fonts on show. Roboto for the body. Rubik for the headings.

I've switched from using Google Analytics to Fathom (affiliate link) for tracking on this site. But I do work for clients with Google Analytics and have a property set up for testing purposes. You can opt in to Google Analytics tracking on this site by clicking the button below.

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